Private Lessons Offered


The piano is a wonderful instrument for beginners in all stages of life. It lends itself to playing in a large variety of formats including solo, duos, duets, ensembles, trios, accompaniment, etc. So many ways to have fun on your musical journey!


As one of the most popular instruments around the world, the guitar has a rich history and large variety of repertoire to choose from. It also has the wonderful ability to adapt to any style of music you wish to play!


Our instructors will help you to control and love your voice! You will be able to sing classical, sacred, pop, Broadway, and so much more.


These stringed instruments have been around for centuries for good reason...they are beautiful to watch and listen to. They are both easily transportable and lend themselves to many styles including classical, pop, rock, celtic, folk, and more!


The bass guitar, or simply bass, is the lowest-pitched member of the guitar family. It is a plucked string instrument similar in appearance and construction to an acoustic or electric guitar, but with a longer neck and scale length.  This instrument has largely replaced the double bass in popular music since the mid-1950s. It is played primarily with the fingers or thumb. To be heard at normal performance volumes, electric bass guitars require external amplification.


Ukulele lessons are perfect for smaller hands looking to graduate to guitar lessons or for students who love to accompany themselves while singing. All levels welcome!